Renting conditions by November 1st, 2015

1. All offers are without obligation and can at any time be revoked by Lessor. An order is final
if it is confirmed in writing by Lessor.
2. If a contract is canceled, a percentage of the total rent is due and to be paid by the lessee: More than 90 days in advance: no charge. Between 90 days and 30 days in advance: 50%. Less than 30 days in advance: 100%
3. Upon delivery of the goods, the lessees must identify themselves with a valid ID.
4. Lessor is entitled to ask for a deposit. If this deposit is not pre-paid, the goods are not provided to the lessee.
5. When the goods are being transported by the lessees themselves or by third parties, the risk of damage or loss howsoever caused is entirely borne by the lessee.
6. Lessor is not liable and does not have to perform the contract, if the rented goods cannot be made available by force majeure. The lessor can also not be held responsible in case he cannot deliver the goods or not can deliver at the agreed time because of loss or by an act or omission of previous renters with respect to the goods. Lessor will in both situations make every effort to provide a suitable alternative.
7. During the rental period, the lessee is liable for loss or damage to the rented goods from any cause whatsoever. In these cases, the rental price remains due and also the replacement value of the goods will be charged. Lessor has insured this risk in the name of the lessee; for insurance conditions see below.
8. The rented goods must be used in accordance with what they are assigned for. All instructions as stated in the attached documents and manual, should be followed.
9. The lessee must check the goods upon delivery. Complaints must be reported to the lessor in writing on the delivery day, prior to commissioning. Subsequent complaints about the quality of the goods are not accepted.
10. The lessor is not liable for damages related to the rented goods, caused to third parties, to their person and / or their possessions.
11. The lessee has to make the goods available to Lessor before the expiration of the agreed rental period and in the state in which the goods were delivered. If the rented items are not made available on time, extra rent will be charged for each day or part of a day.
12. Upon request, the lessee is obliged to provide direct access to the rented goods during the rental period.
13. The lessee must immediately inform Lessor in case of seizure, bankruptcy, receivership or other events affecting the ownership of goods by Lessor. The lessee must immediately notify the receiver or trustee about the rental agreement between the parties.
14. The lessee has to immediately report loss, theft or fire to the police and notify Lessor thereof.
15. Repairs to the goods may only be performed by Lessor.
16. During the delivery and collection the lessee has to ensure:
a. Loading & unloading space / parking / exemption for vehicles of 255cm wide and a maximum length of 15m during the construction & dismantling period and at a maximum distance of 250 meters of the place of use.
b. Paved ground route to use location on which route it is easy to transport packages with a maximum size of L250 x W100 x H250cm and a maximum weight of 500kg, with pump trucks or other means of transport.
17. In case of failure to comply with the terms of the previous article, the driver will unload the packed materials next to the truck and the lessee himself will have to arrange further transport to the place of use, assembly or storage of the packages and vice versa after the event has finished.
18. Without additional agreements, extra costs will be charged for delay beyond the control of Lessor, for instance, in case of the prolonging of an event, the unavailability of parking space, lack of ground route, waiting for other suppliers and so on. The principle here is: a waiting charge of 50 euros, excluding VAT, per vehicle, per quarter hour.
19. If the lessee does not fulfil her payment obligation or any other obligations or if the lessee does not or not timely return the rented goods, Lessor will record the data from the lessee on CrimiMail, which is part of RentalCheck.

Insurance conditions

Lessor insured its goods all risk on behalf of the lessee, during transport and stay, with a deductible of 1000 euros per event. In case of multiple loss events at the same event, the total excess is limited to 2500 euros.


Excluded are loss or damage caused by:
1. Terrorism 5. Pests 2. Nuclear reactions, (bio) chemical weapons 6. Improper use of the insured goods 3. Intent 7. Government intervention 4. Weather conditions 8. Molestation
Additional conditions
Regarding theft during transport and accommodation, the following additional conditions apply:
Theft, gone missing and / or loss during use
1. During use of the insured items, the risk of theft, gone missing and / or loss is covered only if the insured person has exercised due care and diligence to prevent theft, gone missing and / or loss.
2. If the insured items are not in use, the risk of theft, gone missing and / or loss is covered only if the building, space or the vehicle in which the goods insured were located, show detectable traces of burglary.
3. Including theft of the insured property due to theft of the entire vehicle.
4. If the insured goods have been transferred to a commercial carrier, the risk of theft, gone missing and / or loss is covered without restriction.
Night Clause
Outside the actual working hours of the insured, the risk of theft and / or gone missing out of vehicles is excluded, unless the vehicles in which the goods insured are located, are placed in a properly locked room or are provided with a running alarm system which at least meets the requirements of a SCM_Class_II alarm system or its equivalent for vans and / or trucks.